Wallet Size Photos Cut with a Die

Die cut wallet photos are exactly what the name says that they are; prints that have been cut with a die to fit perfectly in your wallet. These prints are approximately 2 inches wide and 3 inches high with the print running all the way to the edge. The nicely rounded corners help them slip easily into wallet photo sleeves and create a look of truly professional quality.

Several reasons why die cut wallet prints are so popular are: they save time; they reduce extra work; and they eliminate the chance of making costly cutting errors. Unlike prints which are sold in solid sheets, die cut photos do not have to be cut apart. There is no struggling with scissors to keep the edges even and parallel, and there is no chance that a knife blade will slip away from the straight edge and accidently decapitate the subject in the picture. Die cut wallet prints come ready to use, and ready to pass out to friends and family.

Even though these photos are called wallet sized, there are many uses for this size of print and not all of them are in a wallet. They are popular with graduates where senior photos have reached a trading card status. They are an economical size for families to enclose in annual Christmas or holiday cards and letters. They can be slipped into refrigerator magnet frames to identify whose art or schoolwork is on display. They can be grouped in a collage of siblings, cousins, scouts, teammates or any other gathering. And they are a terrific size for scrapbooking with other clippings and embellishments.

Just because wallet prints are usually portraits, their usefulness is not limited to that. They can be oriented to a landscape configuration as well. Any image that is important enough to share can be printed in wallet size. Photos of a prized pet or a vintage collector’s item prove the old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Newlyweds can choose thank-you notes that hold a wallet-size version of their favorite wedding photo.

But the best reason for purchasing Die Cut Wallets is the old tried and true reason, they turn your wallet or billfold into a portable picture gallery. Unlike 20×30 photo prints or larger photo print sizes that you might use as display pieces in your home, you can take a photographic memory of your loved ones with you wherever you go to put a smile on your face and joy in your heart.